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Welcome to the world of Serenity, The Healing Sanctuary, where your wellbeing is my priority.

Embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery with our thoughtfully crafted Meditation Retreat Packages.

Immerse yourself in Sound Healing sessions with Tibetan singing bowls, experience the transformative power of Crystal Healing, embrace Beginner Yoga exercises and mindful breathing techniques, indulge in Aromatherapy, achieve Chakra cleansing and balance, explore various Meditation techniques, and savour herbal tea moments.

Through these techniques, I aim to support you mentally, physically, and spiritually by providing a holistic approach to relaxation and healing.




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My Journey into Holistic Well-being

My exploration of holistic practices began at the age of 8 when I attended a Jose Silva method children's course back in Hungary, where I was born. This early introduction sparked a lifelong fascination with meditation and self-discovery. Attending a Rudolf Steiner School was also a bonus because of their holistic view on a child. The Steiner School's approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and spiritual development, fostering an environment where creativity, imagination, and a love for learning are nurtured. This holistic education philosophy left a lasting impact on my understanding of well-being and laid the foundation for my journey into various modalities.

In my 20s, I delved deeper into the Jose Silva method through an adult course, marking the beginning of my holistic journey.





Over the years, I dedicated myself to personal growth with various modalities

Including Hypnotherapy, Bach flower therapy, Kinesiology, and Family Constellation using the Hellinger Method.
A Prananadi 1 and 2 level course provided a deeper understanding of energy healing. I discovered the profound teachings of German New Medicine. 
My journey led me to countless workshops in Hungary and the United Kingdom.

The art of Tibetan singing bowls captured my heart, leading to my certification as a Sound Healer. Alongside, I became a certified Crystal Healer enhancing my skills in promoting holistic well-being.

Courses in Holistic Therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga, Aromatherapy, and Herbalism further enriched my knowledge and toolkit. This almost three-decade-long journey has been transformative, and I believe in the continuous evolution of self.

The first retreat I participated in had a significant influence on me. It took place at a Buddhist Monastery, Amaravati in Hemel Hempstead back in 2018. This experience marked a turning point in my life, unveiling the transformative potential of retreats and resonating deeply with my inner self. A few years passed and my realisation that my jobs weren't fulfilling led me to seek a change. Listening to my inner calling, I combined my diverse skills, and created a unique solution for you—an opportunity to benefit from an exclusive and personalized wellbeing experience.

Having navigated through various industries and met countless individuals, I understand the challenges people face in their daily lives.

The detrimental impact of being overworked, stressed, and constantly meeting deadlines on our lives is apparent. In response, I have crafted a solution.

I believe that by integrating different techniques and adopting a holistic perspective, we can achieve the best possible results. After a retreat with me, you'll leave feeling relaxed, recharged, and ready for a fresh start towards your next goal.

If this resonates with you, it's time to book your retreat. For those curious about whether my retreats are the right fit, book a free consultation or reach out for more information.

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Testimonials from past attendees on Bianka's Sound Healing Sessions and Crystal Healing Sessions




"Wow! It was a once in a lifetime experience.Bianka is incredibly welcoming, it felt like I was visiting a family member. I attended the sound and crystal healing sessions as well. One of the best things I have ever done for myself! My body felt the best it has in years. I couldn't recommend enough!"




"Experiencing a sound healing session with Bianka was truly transformative. The soothing resonance of the Tibetan singing bowls created a calming atmosphere, and I could feel the vibrations working through my body. It was like a musical journey for the soul. After the session, I felt a profound sense of relaxation and clarity. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a unique relaxing experience."




"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a crystal healing session with Bianka, and the effects were truly profound. The energy and warmth from the crystals created a deeply relaxing atmosphere. Bianka's expertise and intuitive approach guided the session, leaving me with a sense of balance and calm. I felt an energetic shift and left the session with a renewed sense of vitality. Highly recommended."